Admission Requirements

Candidates must be a natural science student in preparatory classes and full fill the following criteria:

  • Meet the set criteria by the Ministry of Education and University of Gondar for degree students to join higher learning institution.
  • Have a background of any of the sciences (biology, chemistry, general sciences)
  • Preferably those who choose to enter the profession
  • Students having diploma in biology, animal health, animal science or related natural science disciplines will also be considered based on the criteria set by Ministry of Education and space available to accommodate them. Students from such origin will be accepted after the approval of the faculty. When found necessary the faculty or the University will prepare an additional requirements or entrance examinations.

Graduation Requirements

Students enrolled in this program must meet the graduation criteria of the University of Gondar as stated in the legislation and should have no ‘‘F’’ grade in all courses and a minimum CGPA of 2.00 up on graduation.

Degree Nomenclature

In English: Bachelor of veterinary Pharmacy (B.VtPharm)

In Amharic: “የባችለር ዲግሪ በእንስሳት ፋርማሲ’’