About the program

The duration of the program is 2 years with maximum 1 year extension. Extension of the duration may be allowed if the requested extension is caused by unavoidable circumstances. All course works, MSc thesis proposal preparation and defense will be completed in the first year. The thesis work will be carried out in the second year.

The general objective of the Master of Science in Veterinary pathology is to produce qualified manpower in the area of veterinary immunology required for teaching, research, and provision of diagnostic laboratory services in the field of veterinary medicine and biomedical fields.

Graduation Requirements and Degree

  • Students enrolled in this program must meet the graduation criteria of the University of Gondar as stated in the legislation and Postgraduate Comprehensive Guideline. To complete courses, a candidate needs to be obtained a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and a maximum of one “C” grade in all courses.
  • A candidate who fulfils graduation requirements shall be awarded the “Degree ofMaster of Science in Veterinary Immunology”.
  • In Amharaic: “በቬትርነሪኢሚኖሎጂየሳይንስማስተርዲግሪ”